1. Definition

The “ISKCON South African National Council” (“SANC”) is a formally constituted body authorised by the Governing Body Commission (GBC) Body of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness  that performs certain managerial functions on behalf of the GBC co-Zonal Secretaries to conduct of the affairs of the ISKCON society within the region of South Africa.

  1. Functions Delegated by the GBC Body to SANC 

As the GBC Body has delegated a particular function to SANC, then any decision of SANC within the scope of that function is binding within South Africa as if the decision had been made by the GBC co-Zonal Secretaries, but it may be overruled by the GBC co-Zonal Secretaries.

There are minimum delegated functions as well as optional delegated functions:

2.1. Minimum Delegated Functions:

The functions that are delegated to SANC by the GBC co-Zonal Secretaries shall include, as a minimum, the following:

  • To serve as a forum for increasing coordination of the overall preaching strategy in South Africa.
  • To serve as a forum for increasing the coordination of the implementation of GBC policies, guidelines and resolutions applicable within South Africa.
  • Subdivision of South Africa into Regions for the purpose of organizing Regional Committees as described below, in consultation with the GBC co-Zonal Secretaries for South Africa.
  • Making recommendations to the GBC Body, where appropriate, for GBC legislation.
  • Making recommendations to any Zonal Secretary or other ISKCON official functioning within South Africa on matters concerning the affairs in South Africa.
  • Appointment of National Ministers, Committees, etc., as it deems necessary for the conduct of its delegated functions.
  • Resolution of any conflicts within South Africa that are beyond the scope of any Regional Committee constituted within South Africa. This includes handling of complaints on National matters referred to it by the GBC Body, the Regional Committee, Temple Managements, any ISKCON official or body, or from individuals.
  • Where necessary and appropriate, undertaking disciplinary action against ISKCON officials and/or other devotees serving within South Africa, as allowed under ISKCON law for such a body.

2.2. Optional Delegated Functions

If the GBC Body so chooses it may also delegate additional functions to SANC.

  1. Membership of the SANC: 

For now, SANC is comprised of the following categories of members:

  • GBC Zonal Secretaries
  • Senior Spiritual Leaders (sannyasis, gurus) closely involved in developing South Africa
  • National Secretaries
  • Regional Secretaries
  • Temple Presidents
  • Project Leaders
  • National Ministers
  • Administration

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