The ISKCON Sandton Vaishnava Institute of Education and Training (VIEC) is dedicated to propagating the principles enunciated by His Divine Grace A.C Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada in the Bhagavad Gita and Srimad Bhagavatam. The primary function of the institution is to create an all-inclusive, holistic environment of performing arts and educational training in Vedic theology and its application in a modern day setting.

Cognizant of the cosmopolitan area, the ‘perfect’ location was paramount and no. 11, 11th Street, Rivonia enables exposure to a multi-national, multi-cultural diaspora that live, work, study and frequent this vibrant and ever-growing social and economic hub.

Sandton Center

The Vaishnava Institute of Education and Training  VIEC aims to accomplish the abovementioned purpose through the following activities:

Youth development – Youth development is headed by the energetic and vivacious Krsna Balarama Youth Group (KBYG). KBYG meet on a weekly basis and tackle relevant issues confronting youth using dexterous and vibrant means imbibed with scriptural injunction. The youth group focuses on creating future leadership; spiritual confidence; relationship building and spiritual Ubuntu.

University preaching – the Bhakti Yoga Society (BYS) is a registered society in universities across South Africa.  Students from diverse faculties meet on a bi-weekly frequency and engage in channeling their energy in the sound meditation, hatha-yoga and philosophy of yoga classes. The center will also be the national headquarters of BYS. Part of the BYS experience will include retreats and stay-overs at the center to provide students with a portal into an authentic ancient spiritual experience.

Education and Training – the VIEC has a fantastic line-up of seminars and workshops that cater to the beginner in spiritual life to a seasoned practitioner of Vedanta sutra. Many of the workshops will run at the center itself and will have a deeper focus of developing one’s spiritual path whilst others will target corporate institutions and similarly orientated organizations with techniques in which to combat stress, public-private balance etc. through easily applicable spiritual means.

 (Coming Soon) Kids development – Vedic literature emphasizes the importance of spiritual development beginning from as early as possible thereby inculcating morality, respect and discretion in individuals. The VIEC aims to fulfill this injunction by hosting an array of kiddies activities making children well-versed in scripture, arts and culture and overall spiritualism. The line-up of kiddies activities are thrilling and pulsating.

Yoga – the rejuvenating energy of over-arching trees, manicured gardens, chirping birds and the recitation of Vedic hymns provide the perfect setting for the yoga students. Yoga classes will be offered bi-weekly. Through the offering of yoga the centre seeks to attendees to achieve perfection of the body, mind and soul.

Kirtan yoga – as the popularity of yoga sweeps across the globe, the VIEC is presenting another of the nine types of yoga, namely kirtan yoga. Kirtan yoga focuses on the channeling of ones thoughts and words in sound meditation, the results of which leave one enlivened, invigorated and with an inner sense of peace. Kirtan-yoga is performed collectively as the greater the energy of the meditation the greater the effects on one’s consciousness and Being.

Arts & Culture – Arts and Culture is a platform in all societies that encourage self-expression through art. At Iskcon Sandton, professional instrument and dance teachers will guide students through instrument playing, singing lessons and dance classes. One of the traditions of all cultures is partaking in singing and dancing. The VIEC recognises the importance of this tradition and endeavours to create a professional, fun-filled and inspired group of individuals who are dedicated to expressing themselves and pleasing the Lord with their body, mind and words.

Food for Life – one of the important and relevant functions of the VIEC is to establish a Food for Life kitchen which aims to distribute 2000 plates of pure vegetarian meals, a week, to the underprivileged schools, organisations and homes in and around Johannesburg.

(Coming Soon)Karma-free cooking– the centre is excited to the having an on-location restaurant. All the cuisine will be prepared using fresh, nutritious sanctified vegetables. The take-away restaurant will offer delicious and expertly prepared snacks, mains and desserts 7 days a week. An additional and exciting feature of the restaurant will be weekly cooking lessons.  Chefs will guide participants through the cooking of healthy vegetarian meals that are easy to prepare and extremely sumptuous.

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